Traditional winery from Argentina, part of the largest wine group in the world and awarded Grupo Peñaflor breaks into the market with the launch of its new wine.

Client: Peñaflor Group

Project: Imago

Country: Argentina

Agency: FutureBrand

Challenge : Launch an innovative brand with the endorsement of a traditional wine cellar.

Results : We launched a new brand that tells a compelling story and provides an innovative look, quality, and modernity in the growing market for high-end wines. With the new brand, we managed to seize the opportunity for growth, and boosted the sales of Trapiche in this area.
We positioned it as a novel proposition that stands out for its combination of attractive features: distinguished packaging; multiplicity of colors and combination of artistic techniques, and great quality wine that appeals to the imagination and fantasy.

Imago_Slider_Pack_2 Imago
Imago_Slider_Pack_1 Imago
Imago_Slider_Pack_3 Imago
Imago_Slider_Pack_7 Imago
Imago_Slider_Pack_9 Imago
Imago_Slider_Pack_5 Imago
Imago_Slider_Pack_4 Imago
IMAGO_Packaging_Slider_B_Front Imago
IMAGO_Packaging_Slider_A_Back Imago
IMAGO_Advertising_Slider_2_1988x1206 Imago
IMAGO_Advertising_Slider_1_1988x1206 Imago


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