Redesign of the identity of its entire line of own brand to their markets of Chile and Perú.

Client: Tottus

Project: Packaging development

Country: Chile and Perú

Agency: FutureBrand

Challenge : Tottus understand and diagnose the brand positioning to give it a go that meet the needs and implications of the business strategy. Develop new value proposition where we define the differential attributes, positioning and personality of its own brand to accompany business growth in the future. Designing product line of own brands aligned with the desired positioning for the brand and its graphic system for different categories. Design specific products to test the design model as required for each of the categories where Tottus participate. Normalize the brand and system through manual use of the mark and making the necessary design training for proper implementation.

Results : Outstanding result, it increased the sales in 20%

Tottus_Slider_Pack_3 Tottus
Tottus_Slider_Pack_2 Tottus
Tottus_Slider_Pack_1 Tottus


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